Conferencing Packages

Hosting your conference and seminars at Holy Trinity Spa & Health Farm is a far cry from traditional conferences. Our conferencing solutions revolve around revitalizing the mind, body and soul, we ensure that the participants are not given only a serene environment but also a total renewal of body and soul.Our regular conferencing package comprises of the following

  • Accommodation
  • Breakfast
  • Lunch
  • Dinner
  • Use of Conference room
  • LCD Projector
  • White board and flip charts with markers
  • Note pads
  • Cordless P.A System
  • 2 Health promoting tea breaks
  • One 500ml mineral water for each meal
  • Two 500ml mineral water for each meeting day
  • One 1.5 liter mineral water for each room


In order to promote the new paradigm shift of incorporating health-promoting, disease prevention lifestyle at work, we offer the following services to complement the above package:

  • Lecture on healthy diet
  • Lecture on physical exercise
  • De-stressing detoxifying, infra-red sauna / hydro steam bath
  • De-stressing head, neck, shoulder and back massage

The following Additional complimentary Medical Services will also be provided:

  •  Sleep Disturbance Diagnosis with Polosomongraphy for one person each night during the conference duration.
    • A person who snores or who has breathing difficulties when sleeping
    • A person who has difficulty keeping awake during the day
    • A person who wakes up in the morning with headaches or not felling rested
    • A person who is restless during sleep waking up with crumbled bed sheet
  • Menopausal Disorder Control with Biofeedback for one participant with certain menopausal symptoms
  • Blood Group, Sickle Cell Test
  • Body Mass Index (BMI) estimates
  • Blood Pressure monitoring and counseling
  • Lipid Profile Cholesterol Test
  • Diabetes screening (Fasting Blood Sugar Test)
  • Sexual Disorder Diagnosis & Management for one participant
  • Dental cleaning (scaling & polishing for 5% of delegates)
  • ECG Heart Diagnosis for 5% of participants
  • Drug Addiction Cessation Therapy for one participant
  • Stammer Suppression Therapy for one participant