Diet & Nutrition

Peaks of hunger, depths of despair”. This short saying depicts that man cannot exist without food.

Food contains the viral nutrients that are essential for good health: Carbohydrate, protein, lipids (fats and oils), vitamins, minerals, and water. Nutrients have three general functions in the body:

  1. To provide materials for building and maintain the body
  2. To act as regulators for key metabolic reactions
  3. To participate in metabolic reactions that provide the energy necessary to sustain life.


In your lifetime, you will eat about 70,000 meals and 60 tonnes of food?


Nutrition is one key to developing and maintaining state of health that is optimal for you. In addition, a poor diet coupled with a sedentary lifestyle is known to be risk factors for life-threatening chronic diseases and deaths: diabetes, hypertension, stroke and some forms of cancer.

Not meeting nutrient needs in younger years also makes us more likely to suffer health consequences of poor nutrition habits in later years, such as bone fractures from the disease osteoporosis. Iron deficiency anaemia is another possibility.

Gaining understanding about your nutritional habits and increasing your knowledge about nutrition, you will be a pole position to dramatically decrease your risk for many common health problems.

What we do

Help individuals take control in the prevention and management of lifestyle diseases. That is to say with client oriented counseling motives, everyone can be empowered to;

  • Control blood sugar as all times (when one is diabetic)
  • Control hypertension (blood pressure)
  • Control arthritic pain due to gout
  • Control and maintain ideal body weight to enhance good health when overweight or obese
  • Control elevated blood lipids to prevent cardiovascular diseases