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    The Holy Trinity SPA & Health farm is the Integrative Health Department of the multiple award – winning Holy Trinity Medical Centre Accra – Ghana. The SPA is situated in a quiet, beautiful natural surrounding spreading along Ghana’s biggest river – the Volta River. It is impressively designed and decorated in calm vegetation green colours. The relaxing environment is a complete change from every day stress and strains of life. The natural ambiance, cool breeze from the Volta River, chirping of several species of birds, enables a person to switch off into a relaxed mode. The minimum effect you receive from the SPA is to lift the human spirit, enhance the feel – good factor and enable you to reflect on life with celestial bliss and clarity. With a highly motivated staff comprising of doctors, dentists, dieticians, exercise physiologists, psychologists, psychiatrists, physiotherapists, optometrists, herbal practitioners, massage and spa therapists, hospitality service providers, we provide wellness with fun, recreation. Our health service focuses on the “whole person” – a spiritual, emotional, mental, psychological, social and physical well being.

    Holy Trinity SPA and Health Farm is the ultimate destination for:

    1. Corporate conferences and Retreats
    2. Honeymoons/Wedding receptions
    3. Health vacations
    4. Stress Analysis and management
    5. Anxiety and mood disorders management
    6. Addiction management
    7. Convalescence
    8. Elderly Rejuvenation
    9. Dental Spa
    10. Executive medical examination
    11. Stand alone services
    12. Chronic fatigue management
    13. Fitness training
    14. Corporate Recreational Retreat

    Many cannot believe we are in the last quarter of AD 2015! We have so much to do in business, in the family, in the society but time is just flying!

    • The Children are stressed!
    • Mothers are stressed!!
    • The CEO is stressed!!!
    • 60 – 70 % of all hospital attendance globally are stressed – related!
    • Our generation is experiencing the “I am not sick, but I am not well” syndrome!
    • Most causes of these “Syndrome” are related to our modern lifestyle.
    • Many people are not healthy but not ill!

    Our lifestyles have become the major causes of ill health such as stress disorders, chronic fatigue, hypertension, diabetes, sleep disorders including snoring, high blood cholesterol psychological or physiological additions, depression, anxiety, back and neck aches, migraine, enlarged prostate, overweight, peptic ulcer, ischemic heart disease, blood clots and its effect sudden devastating effects (deep vein thrombosis) even in aircrafts.

    10 critical areas of our modern day lifestyle that influence these ailments include:

    1. What we eat!
    2. How we rest or relax!
    3. How regular we exercise!
    4. Whether we pay attention to detoxifying our bodies!
    5. How we understand and manage stress!
    6. The supplement we forget to take!
    7. Our attitudes!
    8. Our spirituality!
    9. Our assessment of effective yet not scientifically health proven system!
    10. Our lack of regular orthodox medical check-ups and entering adequate and timely benefits of scientifically medical care!

    We yearn an effective behaviour change that is sustainable in all the 10 major areas of health. The SPA is a cheerful and relaxed place for health.

    Our Services

    Our facilities are world – class and include:

    1. Conference Halls
    2. Rooms to suit all tastes
    3. A wide range of buffet meals with health tips
    4. 18 – seater cruise boats
    5. Spa Treatments including Massage
    • Aromatherapy massage
    • Hot stone massage
    • Therapeutic massage
    • 4-hand massage
    • Water & Bath treatment ( *Whirpool , *Footbath )
    • Sauna, Steam baths, shower
    • Body wraps/Body masks
    • Exfoliation Treatment
    • Salt Glow, body scrubs
    • Relaxation – meditation, sound therapy
    • Biofeedback
    • Salon providing: European and African Hair Barbering, All types of female hair care & Intensive manicure and pedicure
    1. Several summer huts with settees and fitted with flat TV with all Ghanaian channels, BBC, Aljazeera, CNN, and Super Sport DStv.
    2. Volley, basket ball, Lawn tennis, Squash courts.
    3. Cycling, Aerobics, Brisk walk, Dancercise, swimming sessions.
    4. A 3 storey resorts with roof top bar and restaurant – 5 minutes drive from the main spa.
    5. A well-stuff gift shop
    6. Crocodile cafe
    7. Health shop – herbal, alternative and orthodox medications.
    8. Christian library
    9. Car park with 300 car capacity fitted with CCTV cameras
    10. 15 Seater executive restaurants – 40 feet into the Volta River
    11. 300 Seater Conference Hall – 50 feet into the Volta River
    12. Pick up and transport to and from Accra

    Stress, Fatigue, Anxiety, Sleeplessness & Burnout.

    Facts! Do you know, that extensive year of

    Conferencing Packages

    Hosting your conference and seminars at Holy Trinity Spa & Health Farm is a far cry from traditional

    Honeymoon Packages

    Although marriage is a positive event, it is MEDICALLY HIGHLY STRESSFUL! Marriage is an institution

    Addiction Management

    People take drugs because of an emptiness in their lives. However, once they

    Weight Management


    Health Vacation

    Visit Holy Trinity SPA and Health Farm on a health vacation to learn and know

    Convalescing Home

    Recuperating from a long ailment/illness? Need a change

    Day Spa Packages


    Scientific Relaxation

    The SPA enables us relax, unwind and rejuvenate. It helps maintain

    Church Retreat

    Are you an individual or a group?

    Corporate Retreat

    Are you an individual or a group?


    Relaxing, reflective restful interactive counseling

    Dental Spa

    The mouth is the gateway to our inner body and therefore it must be properly

    Elderly Rejuvenation

    Enjoy our wholistic

    Alternative Health Therapy

    Alternative therapies include diverse medical

    Sex Disorder Management

    Depart from the effect of drugs, institutionalization,

    Standalone Services

    Are you an individual or a group?

    Beauty Therapy

    Why worry about going to the salon when you can in addition to

    Physical Exercise


    Diet & Nutrition

    “Peaks of hunger, depths of despair”.


    Enjoy our holistic