Welcome To Holy Trinity Spa & Health Farm

    …a healing sanctuary for body, mind, soul and spirit.


    It’s a center for scientific relaxation, rejuvenation, health promotion, exercise and wellness of body, spirit and soul. Various treatments are offered and often include massages, skin treatments, diet, hydrotherapy and saunas. Your ‘spa experience’ is your time to relax, reflect, revitalize and rejoice. People who attend health farm rarely have any symptoms of illness; they simply feel “out of condition” and know that with proper care and treatment, their general health will improve. Many of those who attend health farms are troubled by anxiety about some particular problems, such as concerning stress, pressure of work, fatigue, body shape, desire to relax, drinking, over consumption of stimulants such as coffee, tea, cola drinks, smoking, poor sleep, overweight, anxiety, emotional problems at work or at home, addictions, lack of rest or just a need for a quiet and serene environment and so on.

    Our Services

    Stress, Fatigue, Anxiety, Sleeplessness & Burnout.

    Facts! Do you know, that extensive year of

    Conferencing Packages

    Hosting your conference and seminars at Holy Trinity Spa & Health Farm is a far cry from traditional

    Honeymoon Packages

    Although marriage is a positive event, it is MEDICALLY HIGHLY STRESSFUL! Marriage is an institution

    Addiction Management

    People take drugs because of an emptiness in their lives. However, once they

    Weight Management


    Health Vacation

    Visit Holy Trinity SPA and Health Farm on a health vacation to learn and know

    Convalescing Home

    Recuperating from a long ailment/illness? Need a change

    Day Spa Packages


    Scientific Relaxation

    The SPA enables us relax, unwind and rejuvenate. It helps maintain

    Church Retreat

    Are you an individual or a group?

    Corporate Retreat

    Are you an individual or a group?


    Relaxing, reflective restful interactive counseling

    Dental Spa

    The mouth is the gateway to our inner body and therefore it must be properly

    Elderly Rejuvenation

    Enjoy our wholistic

    Alternative Health Therapy

    Alternative therapies include diverse medical

    Sex Disorder Management

    Depart from the effect of drugs, institutionalization,

    Standalone Services

    Are you an individual or a group?

    Beauty Therapy

    Why worry about going to the salon when you can in addition to

    Physical Exercise


    Diet & Nutrition

    “Peaks of hunger, depths of despair”.


    Enjoy our holistic

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